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Nita Jain
3 min readOct 25, 2021
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Dear Reader,Thank you for visiting my humble corner of the internet. For the sake of expediency, I’ve compiled this short table of contents with a few highlights in each topic.Yours,

Creator Economy / Entrepreneurship / Technology:
Twitter and YouTube Add Podcasts to Their Platforms
3 Signs You Need to Change the Name of Your Podcast Show
The 3 Best Artificial Intelligence Image Generators for Creators to Use
What the Impending Third-Party “Cookiepocalypse” Means for Creators
Should You Start a Startup?
7 Psychology Tips to Grow Your Business
The Wearable Wrist Wars Are Heating Up

Medical Myths and Models (a publication)
Why Certain People Never Seem to Gain Any Weight
Another Remarkable Reason Why Some People Are Naturally Skinny
The Fountain of Youth May Be Found in Your Gut
Treating Obesity with Bugs, Not Drugs
5 Ways to Boost Your Gut Microbiome Diversity
6 Myths About the Human Gut Microbiome
Our Microbes Made Us Who We Are
The Singular “Healthy Microbiome” Does Not Exist
Is Time-Restricted Feeding Really Useless?
Do Modern Lifestyles Drive the Development of Chronic Diseases?
New Evidence That Food Sensitivities Are Real
Cancer Is Not Caused by Mutations
The Diet-Cancer Connection
Making Medicine More Personal
The Case Against Specialization
Why Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny

This Mental Hack Helped Michael Phelps Win Olympic Gold in Beijing
Unpacking One of the Most Commonly Overlooked Responses to Trauma
Cultivating an Indulgence Mindset Provides Unexpected Health Benefits
A Surprisingly Simple Life Hack to Boost Happiness and Productivity
How to Negotiate Better: The Daylight Saving Time Debate as a Case Study
4 Tips to Help You Engage in More Productive Disagreements
How to Predict Human Behavior More Effectively
How to Stay Calm When Triggered
Are You Immune to ASMR?

Poetry & Prose:
poems from the pandemic (a publication)
Do you ever consider what a privilege it is
I am so happy in my loneliness
my candle burns at both ends
I revel in the work of art
Ode to the Forgotten
Sunday Morning
In times of grief
Ode to a Leaf

The 4 Different Personality Trait Systems in the Brain That Drive Attraction
The 4 Habits of Highly Empathetic People
12 Commandments for the Pragmatic Romantic
On the True Meaning of Friendship
Let’s Talk About Platonic Marriages
How to Have an Equal Partnership
We Need to Talk About Phubbing

Remembering Scientific Pioneer Dorothy Hodgkin
Telescope (2016): Documentary on the James Webb Space Telescope

Social Commentary:
Why You Should Ask for Forgiveness, Not Permission
When Helping Hurts
Women Are Not Conquests
Whitney Wolfe Herd: The Youngest Female Self-Made Billionaire
How to Deepen Understanding Through Discourse
How to Leverage Thinking to Unleash Innovation
Doctor, Write Thyself
The Modern-Day Scheherazade
An Indian American Reacts to Lilly Singh’s Late Night Show
Through the Looking Glass of Science

Tools / Resources / Miscellany:
5 Good Reasons to Write
How to Forward Emails to Your Phone As Text Messages Using Gmail
How to Record Your Screen with Audio on iPad
How to Build a Better Newsletter
Medium’s Resident Copycat Strikes Again!



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